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3 Reasons You Shouldn't Wait To Contact A Bail Bonds Service

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The police have just arrested you: what should you do next? In any case, involving criminal charges, your first stop should always be to request legal assistance. However, contacting a bail bond service should often be your next move. Even if the thought of spending a night or two in jail doesn't bother you, securing your release as quickly as possible can offer numerous practical benefits.

If you're thinking of riding out your jail time or raising bail money yourself, here are three reasons why contacting a bail bonds service for a quick release may be far more beneficial over the long run.

1. You Won't Need to Miss Work

Dealing with even a minor criminal case can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Once you leave jail, you'll need to work with your attorney to develop a defense and potentially deal with talking to friends and family about your case. If you've never gone through this process, you might be surprised at how challenging these activities can be.

Adding financial stress to the mix can be even worse, and nobody wants to call their employer and say they can't come to work while in jail. Calling a bail bonds service to secure a release as quickly as possible means you won't have to miss any work the following day, allowing you to focus on your case instead of your financial predicament.

2. You Can More Easily Coordinate Your Defense

The good news is that your lawyer can visit you in jail at nearly any time. Unfortunately, meeting with a lawyer in jail doesn't provide the best environment for coordinating a strong defense. If you're facing serious charges, you'll want to be able to sit down with your attorney in a comfortable, stress-free environment to discuss your case and options.

The more quickly you secure your release, the sooner you can start working on building your case for trial. Even if you're only facing minor charges, you can still use this time to discuss your likely sentencing and plea options with your attorney. In most cases, you'll be far better off making these decisions without the added stress of returning to a crowded jail cell.

3. You'll Avoid Financial Turmoil

While courts intend bail amounts to be relatively reasonable, many people struggle to make bail. Paying your bail in full may mean offering up assets as collateral or taking a large chunk of your savings out of the bank. Even though you'll receive this money back at the end of your trial, tying up a large amount of your available cash may be financially difficult.

Meanwhile, taking the time to try to raise money or make a plan to pay a large bail amount can mean wasting days or longer in jail. Working with a bail bonds service will not only allow you to get home more quickly but also mean paying a much smaller amount. For more information, contact a company like Steele Boys Bail Bonds.