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Misconceptions You Should Disregard About Bail Bond Services

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A bail bond can be an important resource for a person that has been arrested. However, they may not realize that their ability to evaluate the use of a bail bonding service may be compromised by some misconceptions that they may have heard or that they simply assume to be true.

Misconception: Bail Bonding Services Are Only Interested In Servicing Those With Large Bail Payments

For many individuals, it can be easy to assume that a bail bonding service will only be interested in servicing those that have been issued very large bail bond requirements. However, the reality is that a professional bail bonding service will be capable of assisting those that only have relatively minor bail bond amounts. This can allow these services to assist almost any individual that is needing to post bail so that they can leave jail until their trial has finished.

Misconception: A Bail Bonding Service Will Always Charge Oppressive Fees

Concerns about the fees that a bail bonding service will require can be another assumption that may cause individuals to undervalue the option of using these providers. In reality, the fees that are charged by bail bonding services will usually be highly regulated. This will set a reasonable cap on the maximum amount of the fees that they will be able to charge. Generally, this system will work by capping the fee as a percentage of the bond that is issued. This can make these bonds more expensive for those with higher bail amounts, but legal caps can help to keep these fees affordable for the majority of people.

Misconception: Bail Bonding Services Only Operate During Normal Business Hours

There are many individuals that may find themselves arrested late at night, over the weekend, or even on major holidays. During these times, it may be easy for these people to assume that they will be unable to get a bail bond until the next normal business day. In reality, these services are open almost every day of the week, and there are many bail bonding services that may provide 24-hour service to their clients. If you need to use a 24-hour bail bonding service, you may want to be aware that this process may take slightly longer than normal due to the fact that the bail bonding service may be operating with minimal staff during the overnight hours. Additionally, the jail may be slightly slower in processing bail for the same reason.

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