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Go Local And Small With Your Bail Bond

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When a loved one is facing yet another night in jail, you know you need to act fast. Bail costs can run into thousands of dollars and are simply not affordable for most people. You have a choice in bail bonding agencies, and who you decide to use to bond your loved one out of jail matters. Read on to learn why staying local with your bonding company pays you benefits.

Why Bail Bonds Are Better

Your loved one's bail must be paid before they can be released, but most people don't have that kind of money available when time is of the essence. That is why bail bonding agencies exist. They form an agreement with the local courts to guarantee that your loved one returns for future court dates.

As the loved one of a defendant, your job is to form your own agreement with the bail bonding agency. This is accomplished by paying the agency a percentage of the full bail. If the bail is $2,500, for example, the bail bonding agent might charge just 15% of that and your loved one can be released. That's just $375 for the bail bond agent to pay the rest of the $2,500 bail.

Big Chains Want Your Business

Nationwide bail bonding agencies promote their services online, on billboards, and television in an effort to capture your attention and your business. Many people are so dazzled by their publicity that they never stop and consider why using a local bail bonding agency might be far better.

Big Chains Might Be More Expensive

With big advertising comes big expenses, and those are passed on to you, the customer. Big chains may be able to address bail issues around the country, but you might find extra fees and service charges added onto the bail premium. Local agencies, on the other hand, tend to base the percentage you pay for the bond on local customs so they can stay competitive with other bonding agencies in the area. Be sure you understand what you are paying for when you deal with any bail bonding agency, and compare prices before you make a decision.

Big Chains May Be Shower to Respond

Big chains promise to get your loved one bailed out no matter where they are. Unfortunately, that means acting as the middle man. They must make contact with someone in the area before your loved one can be released, which might mean a delay. Compare that to meeting a local bail bonding agent in their office near the jail and getting things done is a matter of minutes. When you are stressed out about your loved one, there is nothing to compare to the one-on-one service you get with someone accustomed to dealing with the local jail. Speak to a local bail bond agency and find out how easy and inexpensive getting your loved one out of jail can be.