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The Right Time To Buy A Home: 3 Factors That Lower Mortgage Interest Rates

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Mortgage interest rates can have a significant impact on how much of a home you can afford. A simple range of one or two points could mean the difference between tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a loan. Some home buyers may want to wait until mortgage interest rates get lower to purchase a home -- but there are really only a few factors that impact these rates:

1. When the Economy Is Struggling

Many people falsely believe that home rates go down when the economy is better. In fact, home interest rates usually go down when the economy is struggling. This is because the federal bureau adjusts its own interest rates down, in order to encourage the economy to continue spending. Though mortgage interest companies may decrease their rates a little during good economic times (because customers are more likely to pay back their loans), credit scores themselves have more of an impact on that.

2. When There's Been a Loss of Faith

Similarly, the real estate industry saw a huge downturn in mortgage interest rates when the real estate crash occurred. When there's been a loss of faith in the general market is often the best time to purchase a home; not only have prices gone down, but mortgage companies have lowered their rates in order to compel people to begin purchasing again. 

3. When The Market Is Static

On the other hand, low-interest rates can occur under a different situation: when the real estate market has been static or growing for some time. When the market is stable, lenders are able to lend with increased confidence. Apart from the actual financial situation and a credit score of a borrower, it is whether the real estate market is going to remain strong or not that often reflects whether the borrowers are going to be able to continue paying their mortgage loan or whether they may eventually default. 

Mortgage rates get lower when there are fewer qualified buyers on the market. Unfortunately, the factors that tend to adjust the market in this way also often adversely impact borrowers. Assuming that there isn't a real estate bubble, the interest rates will generally be "fair" at most times -- if there are higher interest rates, it's likely because borrowers have higher earning power. In most situations, regardless of mortgage interest rates, it's still better to get into a property as soon as possible.

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